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An Art Book of Medical Mnemonics


This book was created by medical students and artists, and inspired by the human body.

What people are saying about us

"Medicine is this abstract concept to many people, but it's also weird and strangely wonderful, and we wanted to share that side of medicine with people."

"Art, in all its forms, re-inspires our sense of purpose in medicine and allows us to connect to the human parts of ourselves so that we can reach out and care for the human parts of our patients."

The chatter on the interwebs

This book is equanimous. I used it to score 299 on step 1. #gunner
— Dr. William Osler
Hey girl, I heard you needed help with some art.
— Dr. Ryan Grosling, Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
This book is so nice! Isn’t my Jimmy so handsome?!
— Mom
Art or do art not. There is no try.
— Dr. Yo da