TZBM The Podcast - Episode 3 - David Rivedal

This episode we focus on Plastic Surgery, not only one of the most competitive residency programs to match to, but also one with such a wide breadth of techniques and procedures. It is not an anatomical specialty like urology or ophthalmology. Rather you're applying principles of the human body to solve problems. 

So before we get started here are the numbers from 2016 match:

69 programs offering 152 positions. 216 applied with 151 positions filled through the primary match. That means 65 people, or a whopping 30% of people did not match. 

In this episode we talk about Step 1 study techniques, Plastic Surgery application tips, and Productivity hacks you can use to excel on your rotations. Featuring plastics resident David Rivedal from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

  • ·      Step Studying method

    • Study schedule

    • Iterative

    • Non crazy schedule

    • Check out these helpful study planning tools:

  • ·      Plastic Surgery application tips

    • Pareto’s 

    • Research

  • Running

  • Daily routines

    • et to work early!

  • Podcasts

    • Bill Burr comedy - Monday Morning Podcast

    • Louis CK

    • Kyle Kinane

    • Dave Chapelle

    • Nate Bargatz

    • Tom Segura

    • TJ Miller

  • Shows

    • Westworld, South Park, Parks and Rec. Peaky Blinders

  • What advice do you wish you had received when you were younger?

    • ry a lot of things!